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United for peace, empowerment and awareness.

AWUM is made up of women and men who believe in every woman’s right to a life of peace, wholeness and happiness. That includes a life free from emotional, physical or sexual abuse. Our programs and expertise focus on Asian women and girls, but our mission includes all domestic violence victims.

Many victims live in pain and confusion about what to do. We offer you emergency shelter and a safe, supportive place to make the decision that’s right for you. See our emergency shelter and our programs.

You may not be a victim, but want to know how to help someone being hurt. Or you may want to get involved at our emergency shelter or some other way. AWUM relies greatly on our wonderful volunteers, donors, interns and employees. Please consider donating your time or resources. And, connect with us on !

AWUM is committed to working with men in ending domestic violence. Click on the below photo to view Man Forward, a digital visual poem exploring the many dimensions of masculinity and family violence:

To see more digital stories by AWUM, please click here.

Our Board of Directors & Administration is available to the public.